Small Plate Movement


The small plate movement is an initiative to encourage people who want to be healthier and lose weight to reduce the size of the plates that they have in their homes and kitchens from the standard 12 inches radius down to a 10-inch radius.

This is an ongoing campaign that aims to educate and inform people, and in order to further raise awareness and maximise the reach of the initiative, we have created the Small Plate Challenge, which is run in conjunction with several organisations, which aims to get people who take the challenge to commit to using the smaller 10-inch plate for their main meal of the day for a whole month.

The motivation and drive for the campaign, as well as the science behind it, is that their is some amazing research that clearly demonstrates just quite how effective the small plate initiative is – for example in one study, participants life expectancy rose by an average of more than 3 years, with an average weight of 2 pounds being lost by the participants.

We have teamed up with many health and Fitness organisations to help promote and support our initiative worldwide. One of the organisations Right Path Fitness who offer Personal Training London will provide us with regular expert health and fitness articles on our blog.